Longboard Masterclass by Kassia Meador & Makala Smith - September 4th

We are honored to welcome two Longboard queens, Kassia Meador and Makala Smith, on Sunday, September 4th at Alaïa Bay!

On the occasion of their visit, they will host an afternoon of coaching to master the art of Longboarding!



3.00pm - Arrival of the participants and introduction

4.00pm - 1st coaching session - Malibu - left wave

5.00pm - Debriefing and drytraining

6.00pm - 2nd coaching session - Malibu - left wave



ASC : CHF 250.00

Standard : CHF 350.00

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Best: periods of low attendance

Normal: during the week and outside holidays

Peak: summer season or weekend (high season)

Upgrade Pack: 20 CHF/per session to book in peak

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Monday toSunday: 7am-23pm 

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