Surf Break

Immerse yourself in the surfing culture for two days, whether it's during an intensive surfing course specifically designed towards progression or during a fun and relaxing get-away.

Full surf

Come and improve your surfing during an intensive coaching retreat including filmed sessions and video coaching, specific surfing exercises and complementary activities to improve your physical condition.

Package includes :

  • 4x 1h of surfing
  • Debriefing and video coaching
  • 1x 1h of pilates w/ Let it Flow – Pilates for Surfers
  • 2 lunches at Alaïa Bay
  • Accomodation in extra

Surf vibe

You want to spend a fun time with your friends and family in total immersion in the surf culture? Book your Surf vibe stay and come surf with your loved ones, discover surf skating, or improve your wakesurfing technique!

Package includes :

  • 2 or 3x 1h surfing (depending on chosen level)
  • 1h30 of skate or surf skate
  • 2 hours of wakesurfing
  • 1x 1h of pilates for surfers and breathing exercises
  • A discovery of the board making process and a guided tour of our shaping room
  • 2 lunches at Alaïa Bay
  • Accomodation in extra


Prices :

  • Full surf: 699.- (excluding accommodation)
  • Surf vibe: 499.- (excluding accommodation)


!! ASC and child discount = -10%

You don't know where to sleep? Take advantage of staying at Alaïa Lodge for only CHF 40.00 more, breakfast included ! 

Reservations by email only:

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Important Information

Please note that the purchase of each product gives access only to the specified schedule. No change of schedule will be possible.

Please arrive at the Bay one hour before your session and one and a half hour before a beginner lesson with your reservation confirmation.