Evolution Pack 5 Kid (8-12 years old)

Included : Wetsuit Pack Evolution 5 - CHF 45, Surfboard Foam Pack Evolution 5 - CHF 45, Winter Kit Pack Evolution 5 - CHF 20


The Evolution Pack 5 offers you:

  • 5 sessions or courses of your choice (Beginner to Malibu)
  • Coaching is included for beginner courses
  • Equipment is included



The Evolution Pack 5, take the plunge and become a surfer! The ideal way to acquire a solid foundation and start your surfing career. You will begin to feel comfortable on your board and gain the confidence to take waves on your own.


Waves: Small, calm waves for beginner and Waikiki sessions, then perfect waves for fun, noseriding and turns in Malibu sessions.

Duration of a session: 1 hour 30 for the beginner's course and 1 hour for the other sessions of your choice.

Safety: Sessions supervised by our coaches and lifeguards.

Kid from 8 to 12 years old

* Evolution packs are not shareable or transferable to other people

** Valid for best and normal rates / Upgrade Pack: +20 CHF per session to book in peak

***Valid for 1 year

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Important Information

Please note that the purchase of each product gives access only to the specified schedule. No change of schedule will be possible.

Please arrive at the Bay one hour before your session and one and a half hour before a beginner lesson with your reservation confirmation.