Evolution Pack 5 Kid (8-12 years old)

Included : Wetsuit Pack 5 - CHF 45, Softboard Pack 5 - CHF 45, Winter Kit Pack 5 - CHF 20, Option: Transferable & Giftable, Bodyboard equipement Pack 5


The Evolution Pack 5 offers you:

  • 5 sessions or courses of your choice (Beginner to Waikiki)
  • Coaching is included for beginner courses
  • Equipment is included


The Evolution Pack 5, take the plunge and become a surfer! The ideal way to acquire a solid foundation and start your surfing career. You will begin to feel comfortable on your board and gain the confidence to take waves on your own.


Waves: Small, calm waves for beginner then perfect waves for fun, noseriding and turns in Waikiki sessions.

Duration of a session: 1 hour 30 for the beginner's course and 1 hour for the other sessions of your choice.

Safety: Sessions supervised by our coaches and lifeguards.

Kid from 8 to 12 years old

* Evolution packs are not shareable or transferable to other people

** Valid for best and normal rates / Upgrade Pack: +20 CHF per session to book in peak

***Valid for 2 years

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Prices Class

Best: periods of low attendance

Normal: during the week and outside holidays

Peak: summer season or weekend (high season)

Upgrade Pack: 20 CHF/per session to book in peak

Session Times




Monday toSunday: 7am-23pm 

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