Sessionspaket 10+1 Kid (8-12 years old)

Please check your level before ordering the product.

The 10+1 sessions pack offers you:

  • 11 sessions of your choice (except lessons)
  • Transferable and shareable sessions
  • A great price for surfing in Alaïa Bay
  • Access to the following levels :
    • Intermediate Cruiser
    • Advanced Cruiser
    • Advanced Turn
    • Expert Turn
    • Mega Turn*
    • Expert Barrel*
    • Mega Barrel*
  • Access to free surf sessions: Mega Turn and Mega Barrel (only after validation of the free surf status)

You are a surfing enthusiast and you are willing to surf more often at the Bay? The session pack allows you to visit us and surf at a great price! You can book any sessions and share them with your friends.

For Mega Turn and Mega Barrel levels, it is necessary to do 2 Expert sessions to grant you the free surfer status.

Kid from 8 to 12 years old

*Valid for best and normal rates

**Upgrade Pack: +20 CHF/per session to book in peak

***valid for 2 years

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Free Surf

To access free surf sessions and levels (Mega Turn and Mega Barrel), it is essential to have surfed at least 2 Expert Sessions (Turn or Barrel) in Alaïa Bay and to have obtained a manual validation by our surf guides team. After validation, you will be able to book these levels online.