You just want to come surfing or enjoy the terrace of the Twin Fin? No need for a COVID Certificate!

Over 16 years old, a COVID Certificate is required for interior access. 


Disponibilities calendar 


Included : Options: Transferable, Shareable & Giftable

The Session Pack 10 + 1 offers you:

  • 10 sessions + 1 sessions of your choice (except beginner’s courses)
  • Transferable and shareable sessions
  • A great price for surfing in Alaïa Bay

Are you a surf addict and you want to enjoy the wave the most possible? The Session Pack allows you to come and surf regularly at a great price! You can book Waikiki, Malibu, Advanced and Expert sessions and share them with your friends. For the Pro and Beast sessions you need to do 2 Expert sessions with us, so we can evaluate your level.


The waves: Depending on the session you choose, from the calm Waikiki wave to the tubes of the Expert session to the mythical Beast.

Duration of a session: 1h for all sessions of your choice.

Safety: Sessions supervised by our coaches and lifeguards.

*Valid for best and normal rates

**Upgrade Pack: +20 CHF/per session to book in peak

The purchase of a session offers you:

  • Access to the following levels: Waikiki - Malibu - Advanced - Expert
  • Access to Pro and Beast sessions after 2 Expert sessions
  • 1 hour in the water with 55 minutes of waves
  • Security briefing

From the soft wave in Waikiki, to the hits of the Expert session to the mythical Beast, come and try the Alaïa Bay experience and sharpen your surfing skills while having fun. To book a Pro or Beast session, it is necessary to do 2 expert sessions on site to evaluate your level. Details for the level of the sessions are available on our website.

Included : Wetsuit Pack Evolution 5 - CHF 45, Surfboard Foam Pack Evolution 5 - CHF 45


The Evolution Pack 5 offers you:

  • 5 sessions or courses of your choice (Beginner to Malibu)
  • Coaching is included for beginner courses
  • Equipment is included



The Evolution Pack 5, take the plunge and become a surfer! The ideal way to acquire a solid foundation and start your surfing career. You will begin to feel comfortable on your board and gain the confidence to take waves on your own.


Waves: Small, calm waves for beginner and Waikiki sessions, then perfect waves for fun, noseriding and turns in Malibu sessions.

Duration of a session: 1 hour 30 for the beginner's course and 1 hour for the other sessions of your choice.

Safety: Sessions supervised by our coaches and lifeguards.

* Evolution packs are not shareable or transferable to other people

** Valid for best and normal rates / Upgrade Pack: +20 CHF per session to book in peak

Included : Surfboard Foam - CHF 10, Wetsuit - CHF 10


The beginner's lesson provides you:

  • All the necessary equipment
  • Coaching in group
  • The security briefing
  • A 1h30 lesson including 1 hour in the water

The perfect introduction to surfing, if you have never surfed before or if you have not been in the water for a long time, this is for you. Our expert coaches will teach you all the basic skills and techniques and ease you into this sport. Smiles guaranteed.


The waves: Small gentle waves of a height of 0.5m

Session length: A beginner session lasts one hour and a half, 30 minutes dry coaching and 1 hour in water

Coaching: Guided by our expert coaches throughout the session to help you learn the basic

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